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5. Employment Contracts


All employees have an employment contract with their employer this can be in the form of a written offer of employment, a signed contract between the employer and employee or a verbal contract, they can also be fixed term or open ended and will always include terms and conditions.

An employment contract will usually set out the following;
– Conditions of employment
– Rights of employment
– Responsibilities of both parties
– Duties during employment

When it comes to employment contracts it is always safer for all parties involved to have a written, signed contract between all parties and ensure that this is reviewed on a regular basis usually annually when performing appraisals is a good time.

Because of the wordiness and legal binding nature of an employment contract it is always advisable to have these drawn up either by a legal or payroll professional.

At White Collar Consultants we offer a full payroll service to our clients including employment contracts and appraisal advice, contact us for further details

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