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Payroll Tax Year End


As we roll into a new tax year just a couple of items to check off the list for those running payroll.

1. P60’s – Make sure you print off your P60’s and hand one copy to staff. I always file an electronic PDF copy for future reference and a hard copy in my payroll file for those who tend to say “I didn’t receive mine”

2. P32 – Employer payment summary. Print this report and reconcile it to your hmrc control account within your accounting records.

Don’t forget about your employers allowance of £2000 if not processed this could cause a difference.

3. Complete your final tax year deceleration submission to hmrc via your payroll software to ensure you are able to roll over to the new tax year.

4. Complete the roll over and change the tax codes. Note that is the tax code was 1000L it will now change to 1060L for the tax year 2015/16

If you need assistance with this or any other accounting matters feel free to contact

Chantal at White Collar Consultants Limited on accounts@wcc-ltd.co.uk.

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