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To continue on from my post from yesterday and the ever challenging task of getting your website on a search engine’s front page let us carry on with steps 3 & 4 shall we.

Before we do so though lets just go back to yesterday and once again mention the trends.

According to Google trends the most searched trends today are: Taiwan plan crash, the Jordanian pilot and Harper Lee. – √

Right so back on track now.

Step 3 – Add yourself to Google. “You do what?” I hear you say. This means creating a profile and page on Google+.So last night after my post I set this in motion and created both a personal profile and a company page on Google+ and linked them to by business address on Google maps. – √

Step 4 – Creating your content. This means having good easy to follow content. My web designer put it this way for me, “If Google see that all you do is copy and paste from other websites your content is not only plagiarized but of poor content, Its 2nd hand.” Try and put things into your own words and only make promises that you can keep. Hence I use the blog on my site to try and give tips and advise to those budding business moguls out there. Now within the creating good content there are a few subheadings which I will discuss over the next couple of days. – √

Until then good luck and keep posting

Smile luck


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