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Well I promised to come back with more and there is so much more.

I have reviewed my previous posts on SEO and have learnt a little more.

I will endeavour to share as much as I can while I learn more about this enigma.

A) Use Google to your advantage
1. Use the suggested keywords for your market.
2. Follow the trends and try and incorporate them as much as possible.
3. Add a profile and site to Google+
B) Create good content
1. Create good quality content
2. Make sure your content is original
3. Incorporate images, everyone likes pictures.
4. Use the keywords a few times in each post especially in the titles
5. Find your niche and use it, White Collar are not just accountants we are management accountants your financial director.
6. Have a site map, this is usually as easy and activating a plug in on your website, if you don’t manage your site yourself speak to your administrator.
C) It’s all about the code
1. Choose a good domain name, there are websites and tools available to help you choose a good one try to avoid using numbers.
2. Use descriptions and Meta Tags, I am still learning about this myself so will update you as I learn.
3. Use headings and ensure that you incorporate keyword searches in those headings
4. Keep it simple, there is nothing worse than getting the traffic and losing it because your site is difficult to navigate.
D) The leg bone is CONNECTED to the hip bone
1. Create good backlinks; get people to link back to your page from theirs.
2. DO NOT SPAM, this could cost you your site.
3. Social media is a must and link and connect it all up.
4. Update and post regularly.

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