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As a modern society we are often found complaining about BAD customer service.

Whether it’s the waiter who didn’t smile and ignored us all night, or if you were stuck on hold for hours at some foreign office trying to reconcile your phone bill.


In fact, the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) has seen a fall in UK customer satisfaction over the last few years. According to the Daily Mail, “It’s a new age,” says Jo Causon, the ICS’s CEO.

“We’re moving from a transactional economy to a relationship economy, and while the same principles apply in terms of being honest and factual, it’s about using greater empathy and emotional-intelligence skills to really connect with customers.”


But how often have we experienced GOOD customer service, and what is it?
Customer service success is not just about having faultless reviews; it is about exceeding the expectations of the customer and going above and beyond the call of duty.

In this digital age, companies must provide GOOD quality customer service through more than just traditional methods. They have to also maintain a high level of web based presence, to make sure that they are appealing to the wider audience.


However, beware of the dreaded UGLY backlash if you get it wrong. Social media can be both friend and foe.


White Collar Consultants ltd ensures impeccable customer service, from your very first point of contact, through both traditional and modern methods.

We tailor our services around your needs; why not put us to the customer service test?

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