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What is needed to complete a self assessment tax return?


When meeting with new clients they always seem a little shocked to  find the amount of information we require to complete their self assessment tax returns.

This is what we require from our clients to make the process as smooth and accurate as possible:

  • Bank Statements covering the period from 6th April – 5th April.
  • Statements and details of interest earned on all savings and investments.
  • Annual pension scheme contributions made.
  • Details of any capital gains income.
  • Details of any inheritance income received during the tax year.
  • Details of property related income.
  • All P11’ds from all employers (Expenses and benefits statements)
  • All P60 or P45 statements received through the year that cover the tax period.
  • Proof of any charitable donations.
  • Amounts already paid to HMRC in relation to the tax year.
  • The submitted self assessment tax returns for the past three years.
  • Dividend vouchers or statements for any dividends received during the year.
  • Details concerning any asset purchases or disposals during the year.
  • Your UTR (Unique tax reference number)

Our team then process your data and issue a draft return, which is reviewed and discussed at your meeting with one of our partners.

Your tax return is only submitted to HMRC once we have your approval and all aspects of the return have been discussed with you.

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