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Running your own business is by far one of the most challenging undertakings a person can take on in their life, with many highs and lows sometimes you need to stake a step back and reflect.

At White Collar our mantra is making your business better and when we receive a review like the one below it makes all the hard work worth while.

In June 2018 we received this lovely testimonial from our client Kevin of Accelerated Success

Prior to taking on White Collar Consultants (WCC) as our accountants we were recording expenses on a spreadsheet and travel and subsistence on paper forms, which we then transferred to the spreadsheet before sending to our accountant. Basically, it was a nightmare! Incredibly stressful, unbelievably time consuming, and something none of us looked forward to, which is why we put it off to the end of the year – chasing up receipts and rail tickets, checking invoices, checking entries, wasting time trying to get the columns to balance and answering the very many queries we got from our old accountants once we handed it all over. Each year we were far from convinced our records were totally accurate and it was always a surprise to us to know how much money we’d spent and how much we’d made.

With WCC that all changed. One person now spends ten minutes every week updating Xero, our online accounting system, and anyone with access can immediately see what we’re spending, what’s come in, what’s coming in and any number of other things we want to know. Because it’s linked to our business bank account we can reconcile everything instantly. Even petty cash and travel is easier because we can photo all receipts and tickets and upload them to Xero, then attach the photo to a bill and reconcile that too.

At the end of the year WCC, who have access to our Xero account, do all the accounting stuff and invite us in to talk us through the various reports they’ve prepared. I actually enjoyed the whole process this year and it has made us much better at managing cash flow and understanding where we are as a business. Ultimately, it has meant we can focus on winning more business and delivering to customers, without getting bogged down in a load of paperwork. I can’t tell you what a huge relief that is.

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